Establishing your start-up business at its initial stage can get difficult for some. There are things you just cannot afford to make hence, you always need to be careful.

Your brand is your company’s identity so branding is a crucial thing. But while branding you must keep in mind certain things, because a single mistake can sabotage the entire growth.

Here we have listed a few but very important mistakes for you.

  1. What’s in A Name? 

Well, to be honest, A Lot. At least in this case. A catchy name that goes with your business is beneficial. A good name impacts a lot.

It is a time consuming work. So take time to name it. Remember, it will be everywhere, starting from business cards to websites and social media platforms. 

Make it simple, short and unique. This is your first step. 

  1. Target Audience

You want to sell specific things so target specific people. Targeting the entire population will only affect your sales and engagement

Do research to see who needs your product the most. Location is also a big factor if your plans are only for brick-and-mortar. Know about the interests of the audience and find ways to relate them to your product. 

While doing all these, you must be empathetic and compassionate. Whoever your target audience might be, showing your humane side is very important. 

  1. Poor Logo

Apart from the name of the company, a logo is equally important. It is another important part that someone remembers. 

Whether you are making a logo by yourself or by someone else, make sure it goes well with the name of your company and your service.

  1. Brand Guidelines

This is something many don’t even pay attention to.

Brand guidelines are basically how you represent your brand to the world. This includes color palette, tone, font styling etc.

Through them you keep a consistency which leaves an impression on your audience. For example, you will know google with the color palette and font they use. 

So stick to the rules, make a guideline.

  1. Not Updating Yourself

Ignorance is not always a bliss!

Being an entrepreneur means you have to be flexible and up-to-date. You must know what is going on around you, what’s trending.

Be sensitive to socio-cultural scenarios. Consider the pain points of your customers.

  1. Not Knowing Other Competitors Well

If you are in a battle, you have to know your enemies well. Same goes with your business and the competitors. 

Knowing your competitors will help you to be different. You must always try to approach your customers differently; meaning, your selling proposition should have a unique approach.

You might not be making these mistakes consciously, but now that you know, you have to be careful. Wish you all the luck in your venture.

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