Some Effective Twitter Marketing Tips

Establishing your Brand in platforms like twitter can become hard, especially if you have a start-up. 

Although it’s no cakewalk, it is not unachievable. Just make a proper strategy and follow these tips. 

Adjusting content according to the TRENDS

Pay attention to the recent buzz.

Twitter, along with most other social media platforms, is all about trends. And it keeps changing.

So, your marketing strategies should be synchronizing with the “IN” things.

After all it’s all about the users who are also your potential customers. 

Use proper HASHTAGS

Competition in this platform is very high.

If you don’t use relevant hashtags, you won’t be able to reach your target audience. Using one relevant hashtag is always better than using multiple hashtags that are absolutely irrelevant. So research, apply and increase your reach.


Keep a consistency in posting contents.

If you post regularly, the audience will have trust in your brand image. It is also helpful to build up more followers. 

Being active also affects your reach so even if you are new on this platform, make sure you post on a daily basis. 


Retweeting when someone mentions your brand leaves a positive impact. 

But that does not mean you will retweet every single time someone mentions you. That will make you portray as cringy to your followers. 

Be very selective about retweeting but do retweet exceptional cases. 


This tool was created to help you only.

Befriend it and make it your mentor. See what is working and what is not. Check your progress, learn as you move forward. Trust me, you will not need any expert for this. 

Follow Others

If your brand is not a famous one, don’t expect people to follow it just like that.

If you are starting from scratch, you have to participate in every way possible. So, follow people and only then expect them to follow you back. 

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