Simple Steps of SEO

Improve Your SEO By Following Some Simple Steps.

It is easy to attract paid traffic to your website but getting organic traffic is something which is really helpful for you. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what helps you to attract organic traffic to your page.

Organic traffic usually has more conversion rate as they don’t simply visit your profile like paid traffic.

So, to increase your sales, you need to boost up your SEO. Here is how:

  1. Make your website mobile friendly.

A large number of people access websites through their mobile only and believe me when I say that it is increasing by the day.

So make sure to optimize your website for mobile users.

  • Check and remove what slows down your website

If a site loads slowly, the users feel annoyed and leave. This not only affects the SEO process, this affects your sales

So make sure to remove any element which is slowing down your website. Give the users a hassle-free experience.

  • Use relevant content in your website

Use keywords, keyword phrases, Meaningful content on your website. Do not write keywords randomly or in a way where they don’t hold any meaning.

Use the right keywords.There are tools to help you with which keywords to use where, seek help from there.

  • Use web analytics for better results.

There are amazing analytic softwares out there that will help you to understand which strategy is working well and which is not.

Tracking your activities and responses of people will help you to navigate well.

  • Image is IMPORTANT!

I mean literal images, not just what you are thinking about.

SEO not only shows contents in words, images are also a part of SEO. So it is important that you remember to add images which are relevant to the content. Use high quality images only.

  • Review and write relevant metadata

Metadata is basically the textual description of a page that they show when you search something on the web.

Metadata is important because they make sure that the data you are publishing is easily accessible, true and fair. So write carefully and review if any change is needed.

  • Fix broken links

Always keep your website updated. Whether content or any other information, make sure your visitors get updated news.

You must check all the links and if any link does not work, fix it or remove it.

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