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Some Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

In the evolving world marketing has stepped out of the traditional techniques and has set foot in the digital world. So in order to stay salient you need to be adaptive to the change. Instagram is a very crucial part of this growing digital market. Millions of people use this platform not just for personal purposes but for business purposes too. 

A handsome amount of revenue might be obtained from this platform with proper marketing but some common mistakes often stand in the way. 

The competition on this platform is getting tougher by the day. Here is what you have to remember so that you can get more reach to your page. 

Not Posting Reels 

This can bring you disadvantages.

Since Instagram has introduced this new feature of uploading videos upto 60 seconds, it has grown to be very popular. It can very well be used for creating brand awareness. 

If you do not embrace changes and use it accordingly, there is no point of marketing in social media platforms. Because social media is mostly about what is trending. 

So be creative and post funny and interesting videos that promote your brand to get organic reach.

Usage of Wrong Hashtags

Instagram offers this thing that allows users to see your post even if they are not your followers. 

But this has been observed that people often use hashtags which are not at all relevant to their brands. If your brand is related to the fashion industry and you use hashtags related to the medical sector, your engagement will be low.

So use the right hashtags so that people can search you through them.

Excluding Call-To-Action 

Call-to-action (CTA) is something that can cause you to both lose and get traffic. 

CTA on Instagram can be done in a number of ways. One that you must do is to attach a link in the bio to channel your visitors directly to your website. If you do not have your website, you can take other measures to engage your followers or visitors. Ask questions, ask them to share their personal choices or do such similar things.

It is all about making a connection, engaging with each other so, get started!

Keeping Your Account as a Private One

Imagine you see an attractive shop and through the transparent window you can see customers inside. So you try to go inside and BAM! The door is closed.

How would you feel? Would you ever go back there or wait for an uncertain amount of time for the door to be opened? No, right? Yeah, that is the point. If it is your personal account you can do whatever you want but if you treat your business account the same, you have to face certain consequences. 

Make it accessible and make the visitor feel welcomed to your business page.

All About Aesthetic

I don’t think you need me to tell you about Instagram aesthetics.

Yeah well, even I cannot deny that an aesthetic feed does get special attention. So be careful while posting on your feed. Don’t post randomly where your feed posts look messy. For that you have to plan strategically.

So get ready with your ideas… and camera.

Posting Once in A Blue Moon

Don’t be like that person in your contact who says “what’s up?” and disappears for days or months even.

If you don’t post on a regular basis, Instagram will not let your posts reach many people and eventually your page will be forgotten. If you are in business, you must have had a thorough planning of it. Do the same here. Keep updating about your recent ventures or with related information in an absorbing way. 

Remember, consistency is the key.

Be Social

Be like bees. Buzz around. 

Whether you like it or not, promoting your business online will need some work, easy although, to attract people. Don’t be idle and leave your followers or visitors just because you don’t feel like typing. 

Post stories, reply to the comments.

And trust me, once you get the hang of it, it’d be fun!

Before wrapping up, here are some more to keep in mind. If you have a business account, you have to spend time on analytics to perform better. If you are unable to do all these due to any reason, get help from experts. There are companies who do digital marketing for brands like yours. Contact them. 
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