Launch Your Twitter Marketing Campaign With Us

Setting up an advertising campaign on Twitter requires a strategic approach that leverages the platform’s unique features to maximize visibility and engagement.

Here is an outline of the process and the nuances of Twitter’s advertising offerings:


Twitter Advertising Campaign Setup Process

Strategy Development

Understand the client’s objectives.
Define the target audience.
Identify relevant trends and the best Twitter accounts to engage with.

Account Preparation

Ensure the client’s Twitter profile is optimal: change the Twitter handle if necessary, make private any sensitive information, and seek account verification.

Campaign Creation

Choose between an auction-based setup or fixed-rate pricing.
Create a campaign around digital news or current trends to leverage user interest.

Ad Group Structure

Align each ad group with different segments of the strategy.


Types Of Promoted Ads On Twitter

Text Ads

Character Limit: Max of 280 characters.
Should include relevant hashtags and clear CTAs.

Image and Video Ads

Use eye-catching visuals.
Follow Twitter’s specifications for image and video size and quality.

Carousel Ads

Showcase multiple products or features.
Users can scroll through multiple images or videos.

Moment Ads

Compiles a series of tweets to tell a story.
Ideal for sharing company news or event coverage.

Conversation And Engagement Features

Conversation Buttons

Include call-to-action buttons with hashtags to encourage discussions.

Use branded hashtags to foster brand recognition.


Conduct polls to garner opinions and insights.

Utilize these insights for data-driven strategy adjustments.


Building Brand Awareness

Follower Ads

Target users who are likely to be interested in the client’s brand.

Encourage them to follow the client’s Twitter page.

Timeline Takeover

Your client’s ad becomes the first thing users see when they open Twitter.

Great for reaching a massive audience quickly.

Trend Takeover

Place the client’s brand alongside the biggest trends for 24 hours.

Benefit from high visibility and engagement rates.

Branded Notifications

Send notifications to users who engage with the campaign.

Ideal for keeping the conversation going and reinforcing brand presence.


Additional Campaign Features

We discuss with our client the possibility of leveraging Twitter files if applicable to their industry.

Monitor the performance of your campaign closely to stay within the rate limit.

Adapt the campaign based on analytics, keeping an eye on trends that may affect engagement rates.

Throughout the campaign, shift strategies as needed based on performance, which can include refreshing creative materials, tightening target audiences, or incorporating popular hashtags.

Regularly checking for changes in Twitter’s advertising regulations, like character limitations or auction dynamics, is essential to staying efficient and effective.

By navigating these various ad formats and features skillfully, our team at ATAAnalytiqPVT helps client make a substantial impact on Twitter, gaining valuable traffic, enhancing brand authority, and ultimately driving business growth.